The range includes the followings models:

RINSER in single double or triple function with possibility to regulate the times of the treatments

BLOWER to sterile air complete of blowing and group of filtering air

STERILIZER to single double or triple function with reservoir of recovery sterilizing solution and control and integration constant of the degree of dilution.

The machines Dipran are built with global coverage in steel inox and panels in transparent lexan, the principal motorization it is commanded by inverter, all the parts to contact with the liquid of the treatment are inox execution , they are completely sterilize and they are equipped of series by dummy bottles of easy application.
Completely projected and build inside the Dipran and they can be in version free-standing , in uniblok with filler and capper or in syncroblok with existing machine.
Clamps of taking bottles realized in steel inox with universal insert, for different bottles formats,
with unhook rapid.
A series of optional they make possible varied typologies of workmanship
The production hourly part from the 1.000 bottles now up to the 30.000 bottles now in the various greatness from the 9 clamps to the 80 clamps.
It is possible to work any type of cylindrical container or shaped and in the varied material glass,
PET, PVC etc. and of various abilities from the mignon up to the big size.

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