FELIPE is the Filling machine with electronically control filling system and can be supplid in 2 versions depending on the product to be filled.

FELIPE MAG is the electronic volumetric filling system for every type of liquids with electromagnetic conductivity and guarantees a high precision in the volume for any container from mignon to large sizes and for any material: glass, PE, PET, cans etc. The flowmeters being free of magnetic gaskets or internal moving parts allow thorough cleaning and sterilization in minimal time. The new system FELIPE MAG replaces the old volumetric filling systems with the  pneumatic pistons or mechanical ones.

FELIPE MASS, the elder sister of the magnetic machine, is the mass system maintaining the same technical characteristics of the magnetic system but increasing the field of application working with the liquids free of electromagnetic conductivity also. The measuring principle operates independently of temperature, pressure, viscosity, conductivity and flow profile. This allows to check the mass of the product and therefore the weight guaranteeing a high precision independently of the external factors. The FELIPE MASS new system replaces the old filling weight type often complicated and imprecise system.


FELIPE STAR is the evolution of the FELIPE system designed for the production of special bottles or for small quantities. FELIPE STAR’s philosophy is that of quality and not quantity. The filling system is that of the FELIPE version MAG to volume and the MASS version by weight. The strength of FELIPE STAR in versatility, in fact this system allows the filling of several types of bottle and various product types, with a single machine it is possible to fill the entire range of bottles from mignon to magnum. The filler can be matched to the air rinsing machine and capper forming a MULTIBLOCK. The machine movement is of alternating rotary type.