Dipran designs and manufactures equipment and machines for bottling exclusively in Italy.
Each system starts from the design of a layout based on specific customer requirements, feasibility and functionality studies.

The manufacturing process aims at the creation of machines that can meet the needs of all the processing cycles of a bottling plant, such as rinsers, blowing machines, sterilizers, different filling systems, monobloc or multibloc machines (rinser-filler-capper).
Our fillers are designed for different filling systems: isobaric, light pressure, with assistance of vacuum and gravity fillers.Dipran S.r.l. also produces conveyors for each type of product: glass and plastic bottles, cans, briks, cartons, bundles and pallets.Dipran's most appreciated products are special "turnkey" complete systems.Customized systems include the mechanical, the hydraulic, the electrical and the electronic part, as well as operators' training provided by a specialized staff.Our equipment is used mainly in the food industry, where there is a greater demand of bottling systems, washing lines and sterilization for plain or carbonated liquid products such as water, wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, Balsamic Vinegar, alcoholic drinks, but also in other branches such as the chemical/pharmaceutical sector where the transport and packaging of a product is required.

Consult the list of products divided by application sector, to find the product closest to your needs and based on its characteristics, send us a request for more details.