MECHANICAL and ELECTROPNEUMATIC machine type for filling GLASS bottles. The container handling is performed by bottom support, transfer starwheels as well as body guides.

MECHANICAL and ELECTROPNEUMATIC machine type for filling GLASS bottles.

  • The filling of any kind of carbonated liquids, 
  • complete sanitizing,
  • quickly bottle format change,
  • low maintenance,
  • filling system for every needs, are the main characteristics of our Isobaric machine.
  • Due to the special valve of the filler and the ISO regulation system is particularly suitable to fill carbonated products in the presence of foam.


It is used for sparkling water, wines, beer, soft drinks, ciders and energy drinks. The machine can be in the version of the FREE STANDING, MULTIBLOCK or CORNERBLOK with the capping turrets with up to 4 types of closure and it can be manufactured in the versions both MECHANICAL and ELECTROPNEUMATIC . All versions of the machines are sanitized up to 120° C.