In the hot month of July, we ship N°4 bottling lines to Uzbekistan:

  • LINE N°1 da 6.500 BpHfor still wine with cold and hot filling
  • LINE N°2 da 6.500 BpH for still wine with cold filling
  • LINE N°3 da 6.000 BpH for vodka
  • LINE N°4 da 6.000 BpH for vodka

In all the multiblocks supplied, they installed the TARVISIA system as a filling technology.

Our bottling system TARVISIA changes the concept of the filling using the vacuum to fill non-carbonated liquids. In fact, this PATENTED methode, results to be unique in the world and especially innovative as it uses the vacuum constant control in all the filling steps. The absolute innovation of the TARVISIA system is using the low vacuum values under the category called low vacuum which is not being changed consequently or altering the products in contact. The advantage is that removing the air contained in the bottle and expelling it outside actually creates a pre evacuation minimizing the contact of the liquid with the air and consequently the oxygenation of the bottled product. The innovative and patented filling valve:

  • without dynamic movement
  • without the gaskets
  • The filling along the walls of the bottle
  • The air sucked out of the bottle is conveyed externally to the filling circuit and mostly important: it is never in contact with the product to be bottle


The external recycle tank of the relaunch pump makes the machine completely sanitized for the liquid circuit and for the air circuit without installation of the dummy bottles. We can certainty declare that the TARVISIA system guarantees the following result:

  • In the Alcoholic products the loss of gradation in the product bottled filling is less than 0,05° (degrees) 
  • In the wines the absorption of oxygen during the filling doesn't overcome 0,2 ppms, total preservation of 0,2 ppm and complete preservation of the aromas