Is the new electronic bottling system for still liquids. The new electronic valve without gaskets allows to obtain exceptional results in the bottling of products which do not need the oxygenation resulting from the bottling steps. The absence of the product tank makes it extremely suitable in the filling processes of the delicate products which must pass quickly from the storage tanks to the bottle. These unique features make the oxygen enrichment nearly zero, zero aroma loss, zero gradation loss. The same system makes it particularly effective during the machine’s washing operations, the absence of the gaskets and the absence of the tank significantly reduces the washing time, decreasing considerably the operational costs. The VELOX T called “Universal machine” exactly defines the concept of Dipran technology for the movement of the bottles. In the VELOX T the lifting cylinders for working simultaneously with the bottles in glass, PET and straw-covered flasks have been completely eliminated. It is completed with the stars and screws that allows multi-processing of the formats from 25 ml ÷ 2.000 ml with 50mm difference in diameter, without any operator’s intervention but with a simple touch the control panel.

  • The VELOX T machine is particularly suitable for HOT FILLING mode both in PET bottle and GLASS bottle.
  • The VELOX T machine is particularly suitable for MIGNON BOTTLE : from 25 ml to 250 ml